The patented InterForce™ Structural Reinforcement System is a stiffening, steel framing system embedded along the perimeter of each door section. By surrounding each door section, the InterForce is able to unify the individual door systems and magnify the door´s resistance to the extreme puching and pulling efects of severe windstorms without additional reinforcement. When local building codes call for higher wind resistance, the embedded InterForce system allows the door's degree of wind resistance to be easily increased by permanently attaching slender reinforcement bars on the backside of the door. unlike bulky conventional reinforcement beams, these slender reinforcement bars do not significantly reduce the overall garage space. With thsi factory-installed stiffening system, the InterForce eliminates the expense of reinforcement kits or other similar approaches usually required prior to installing electric door operators. The built-in reinforcement system also serves as an excellent method to prevent sagging and bowing, which is generally associated with wider doors.


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